Christmas lights collaboration agreed in Leighton Buzzard for another three years.

Christmas Lights, Leighton Buzzard 2017 PNL-170412-171300001Christmas Lights, Leighton Buzzard 2017 PNL-170412-171300001
Christmas Lights, Leighton Buzzard 2017 PNL-170412-171300001
The Rotary Club of Leighton Linslade and Leighton-Linslade Town Council have confirmed the renewal of their collaboration with the lights and decorations on the town's Christmas Tree for the next three years.

Dick Johnson OBE of Rotary said, “Rotary work closely with Santa over Christmas. Helping to provide the town with Christmas tree lights is something all Santa’s Rotary helpers feel passionate about.”

Cllr Steve Cotter, chair of Cultural and Economic Services Committee, added: “New lights and decorations this year will bring a fresh look to the dark nights of winter.

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“I am particularly pleased and thankful that Rotary is continuing its long-term commitment to the town and again ensuring a warm glow to the Christmas tree.”

Many people are seen taking ‘selfies’ in front of the town’s Christmas tree each year. The council and the LBO would like you to share your pictures. On twitter @LLTCNews and @LBOnews, on Facebook its “Leighton-Linslade Town Council Official” and “Leighton Buzzard Observer”.