Biker doing 110mph in Hockliffe caught in police crackdown

Speeding campaign follows complaints from residents

By Lynn Hughes
Tuesday, 29th March 2022, 3:34 pm

Fifty motorists were caught speeding - including one doing 110mph - in just two days of early morning police activity on the A5 in Hockliffe.

Following complaints from residents regarding speeding through the village, a speeding campaign was launched with Bedfordshire roads policing and community teams.

Between 17 January and 4 March, a camera van was deployed several times to the location and 257 speeding offences were detected.

50 motorists were caught out in two days of campaign

And on 2 and 3 March between 5am until 8am, police used a new speed laser detection device with in-built CCTV, deployed police motorcycles and vehicles in the village which resulted in:

> 50 persons reported of ticketed for speeding offences

> 1 person fined for no insurance

> 1 person arrested for disqualified driving

> 2 vehicles seized

The highest speed within the 40mph section was 67mph and the driver was reported for summons. Following this a motorcycle was measured at 110mph while leaving the village, the rider reported for summons.

Chief Inspector Craig Gurr said: “During this speeding campaign, increasing roads police presence and resource resulted in drivers who break speeding limits to be held accountable and ultimately change their driving behaviour.

“Driving above the speed limit can be a chargeable offence and holds a minimum penalty of £100 fine and three penalty points. Don’t put your life and other road users at risk just to get to somewhere quicker, put it into perspective, it can wait.”

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