How safe is your street? Latest figures show 121 recorded crimes in Leighton Buzzard - including kidnap and assaults

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Bedfordshire Police car. Picture: Tony MargiocchiBedfordshire Police car. Picture: Tony Margiocchi
Bedfordshire Police car. Picture: Tony Margiocchi

The latest crime figures for February show shoplifting and assaults are among the biggest issues facing police in Luton.

There were 121 crimes recorded between February 14 and 28 including 22 cases of assault – with one assault of a police officer. Of these assaults, nine of them left the victim injured.

In the town, there were 14 shoplifting offences - with nine on Waterborne Walk and four on Vimy Road.

There were five sexual crimes reported, one blackmail offence and three home burglaries, as well as one attempted burglary.

The figures also show that a person was robbed on Theedway on February 23. There was one kidnapping and one report of someone making threats to kill.

Other recorded crimes include one case of harassment, one incident of controlling behaviour and one report of stalking.

Across Bedfordshire, there were more than 2,170 crimes reported last month, including over 239 shoplifting incidents, eight kidnappings and 173 assaults with injuries. There were five cases of modern slavery reported to the police and 88 drug offences, including possession and trafficking.