Dieters urged to sign up for discounted sessions

Leighton Buzzard residents who are worried about their weight are being encouraged to sign up to a free scheme to help them shed the pounds.
Alison JohnsonAlison Johnson
Alison Johnson

The Beezee Bodies scheme provides 12 weeks’ free membership to Weight Watchers meetings in the town for anyone who has a BMI of 30+ and meets the specific criteria. If you don’t meet the criteria you may be eligible for a 50 per cent discount.

Alison Johnson lost 50 pounds with Weight Watchers and now leads three meetings in Leighton. She said: “Being overweight can knock your confidence and cause health issues, but losing weight on your own is incredibly difficult to do. The Beezee Bodies scheme has been created to help people take the first step to weight loss.

“In all of my three meetings in Leighton Buzzard I have only four members taking advantage of the scheme. Beezee Bodies can change lives. Losing five per cent of your body weight is a realistic goal over the 12-week course.”

For details about Beezee Bodies and Weight Watchers, call Alison on 07492 532 915.

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