Erica's big chop for The Little Princess Trust!

Erica after her hair cutErica after her hair cut
Erica after her hair cut
A kind Cottesloe School pupil has had ten inches of her hair cut off so it can be used to make wigs for children going through cancer treatment.

Erica Meadows, 13, spent months growing her hair in order to donate her long locks to The Little Princess Trust, a UK charity based in Hereford.

The selfless Wing schoolgirl also raised £355 and her godmother, Michele, who gave Erica the chop, would not accept any payment for the haircut.

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Erica said: “We were talking about recycling in a school science lesson, and someone mentioned that hair can be donated. A friend then told me about the Little Princess Trust and I thought it would be a really nice idea.”

Erica before her Big Chop!Erica before her Big Chop!
Erica before her Big Chop!

Erica would like to thank her generous friends and family for donating to her Just Giving page called ‘Erica’s Big Chop’, and her mum, dad and sister are very proud!

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