'˜Gang of 15 ran at me with tray of eggs!' says distraught Leighton Buzzard mum

A Leighton Buzzard mother is launching a desperate appeal for help, claiming her family and estate are being terrorised by a nasty teen gang who throw eggs and fireworks.

Tuesday, 6th November 2018, 5:00 am
Sabrina Latimer says her family are suffering from anxiety as a result of the events.

Sabrina Latimer, who lives in Sandhills, says she and her family have been the targets of crime for years, with the first big problem being teens putting nails under her car tyres in 2016.

Now, the situation has worsened, as the Latimers claim a gang is targeting their family, having unrinated on their car, hit Sabrina with an egg, and “rampaged” the estate, throwing an entire tray of eggs at their house.

Sabrina alleged: “This summer there were a group of about six boys walking past the house, so I went out there and one had urinated all over the car.

“I shouted: ‘What are you doing?’ and they suggested that they now know who I am and where I live.

“Since then this house has been egged - outside the front door [on October 8], I was hit in the back. There were four of them.

“My children were standing there screaming and crying. My husband, Richard, didn’t have time to get his shoes on - I was gone!

“I pushed the children into the hallway. I got in the car and chased them [the gang] to McDonalds, then to Billington but I thought there’s no way I can go into fields on my own...”

However, things took a nasty turn a few days later.

Remembering the evening of October 12, Sabrina claimed: “I went to go outside of my house and there were about 15 of them running towards me with egg trays.

“I slammed the door shut and let them egg the house.

“Some were looking through the window. It was terrifying.”

Sabrina says that that night she then drove to Morrisons, where she claims staff informed her that a large group of teenagers had stolen trays of eggs. There have also been reports of a firework being thrown at a lady and a girl near the supermarket.

The mother-of-two alleges that the same gang have been putting fireworks through letter boxes in Sandhills and is now calling for greater police presence in Leighton Buzzard and help for her family.

She claimed: “[On October 12], the police took about an hour to get here from Luton. They were here for 45 minutes and then they had to go. What do I do if they [the gang] come back? The officers were really nice, really helpful, but even they said their hands were tied.”

A Bedfordshire Police spokeswoman, said: “We are aware of these issues and a criminal investigation is on-going at present.

“Officers from the community team will be making contact with Mrs Latimer to look into the repeat nature of these incidents.

“We do see an increase in anti-social behaviour around this time of year, and in particular, have seen increased reports of eggs being thrown in Leighton Buzzard.

“In response, we have had extra patrols in the run up to, and over Hallowe’en, and through to Bonfire Night.

“We don’t tolerate anti-social behaviour and all reports are taken seriously.”