House prices in Central Beds, Luton and Bucks rise higher than national average

House prices in Luton, Central Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire have risen higher than the national average in the past year.

The new average house price in Central Beds is up 10.58% for 2017 at £316,489 compared to £286,217 in 2016. The average was £61,115 in 1995.

In Luton average prices have risen 6.92% in a year to £240,884. In 2016 the figure had been £225,284. Back in 1995 it was £43,075.

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House prices in Buckinghamshire have risen 5.9% over 12 months.

The new average house price in Bucks is £417,293, compared to £394,008 in 2016 and £83,286 in 1995.

The general trend of rising house prices is continuing, with the average UK property reaching £226,367 in September, an increase of 5.4% annually.

England continues to see the biggest price increase compared to the rest of the UK, with house prices increasing by 5.7% over the year to September, reaching £243,945 on average.

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The area showing the largest annual growth was Hinckley and Bosworth in Leicestershire, where house prices swelled by 15.9% to reach £215,137 on average.

The lowest annual growth was recorded in Halton, Cheshire, where average prices fell by 5.2%. The City of London meanwhile has seen a drop of 1.7%.

Full data is available via the Office of National Statistics.