In pursuit of excellence – the exciting background of Rampage Mas Band

A SPECTACULAR book celebrating the colourful history of Luton carnival mas band Rampage will be launched next month.

It charts the rise and rise of Rampage – the internationally renowned collection of artists and musicians which started 25 years ago as a Luton youth and community group.

Rampage Mas Band: In Pursuit of Excellence was the inspiration of its award-winning artistic director Colin Spalding who has spent the past two years putting it together and selecting the stunning images that encapsulate the group’s growth in glorious detail.

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The text was written by former Arts Council executive Pax Nindi, who is now creative director at the UK Centre for Carnival Arts.

Colin, first chair of UKCCA, said: “There are lots of visuals and shortlisting the contents was an agonising process.

“A key feature is testimonials from people who’ve been with us at workshops or from groups we’ve mentored locally and internationally.”

He added: “We hope it will provide some knowledge of what Luton’s got to offer as well as explaining our carnival family to those who don’t understand it.”

The £9.99 book will be launched at the Centre on November 11.

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