Independent feature film about the dangers of AI directed by former Vandyke Upper School student needs your help

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“The Correction Unit is an action-packed, thrilling film”

Over the last three years, there has been an increase in knife crime and violence against young people aged 10 - 17 in the UK. The Correction Unit was written to explore what responsibility online media has for this increase in violence and how a future that is heavily reliant on AI will affect young people.

In a city stricken with violence and poverty, Shawn is trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of crime. After being kicked out of another Young Offenders Institute, nTrac - a futuristic new AI educational facility - provides him with the opportunity to start again.

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But as nTrac, under the leadership of shady businessman James Lee, begins to exert more and more control over Shawn’s life in the form of invasive and manipulative AI, the true intentions of the facility become apparent.

Big stunt! Actor Sonny Middleton gets up after being hit by a stunt car.Big stunt! Actor Sonny Middleton gets up after being hit by a stunt car.
Big stunt! Actor Sonny Middleton gets up after being hit by a stunt car.

When a fellow inmate is violently killed, Shawn and his loyal friend Tish lead the other offenders in revolt, facing a desperate race against time and technology to escape nTrac’s sinister influence.

You can view the trailer above.

That is the brief synopsis for the pulse pounding sci-fi thriller film The Correction Unit that stars young actors between the ages of 15 - 18 who were mostly street cast and some who have been directly affected by gang violence. The director, Derry Shillitto who went to Vandyke Upper School in Leighton Buzzard, tells us about how this film came to fruition.

This is a film I have been developing as a writer and director for the last three years. I wanted to create a film that explores the pathway society is pursuing with AI. In an idyllic world, there is potential for AI to help society flourish, but there are a lot of obstacles to overcome. Chief amongst them, is the importance of building AI systems with empathy and compassion. This film entertains the question, what happens when AI pioneers neglect these values? The eye of nTrac is ever present throughout the film, absorbing and learning from behaviours and creating biases.

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We have shot around two-thirds of the film so far, and we have confirmed an international distribution agreement with a streaming/VOD distribution company. The exposure the cast and crew will get from the completion of this film will allow for more work at industry level and start careers for some of the cast who wish to pursue acting. The production team have worked tirelessly on this film, creating something far greater than its micro-budget would suggest. The Correction Unit is an action-packed, thrilling film that addresses contemporary themes of power, impact and the role of emerging technologies - but we need your help to ensure it finds the audience it deserves.

This independent feature film has been a fantastic opportunity for all the young cast and crew involved. The production have confirmed a distribution deal off the back of a teaser trailer and they are now seeking help getting the film finished. Visit the Greenlit page for more information -

The producers have this to say.

The production of The Correction Unit was split into three phases: Phase 1, which was completed in August/September 2023, Phase 2, which was completed between November-January 2024 and Phase 3, which will take place between February-April 2024, and will include shooting the final 30% of the film and post-production.

Phases 1 and 2 were financed independently and we are now raising the funds to complete Phase 3, and the film. With an international distribution agreement signed, we are excited to complete filming and help The Correction Unit find an audience. But we can’t do it without your help.

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The Correction Unit has taken tangible steps to ensure that all stages of production are as ethical as possible. These include:

  • All on-set catering is plant-based to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Shared transport to cut down on fossil fuel usage
  • All unused food is donated to Open Kitchen, a Nottingham-based charity that feeds people in need

This is an exciting time for independent film, and The Correction Unit sounds like a very relevant and important story. With your help, the team can make sure The Correction Unit reaches the audience it deserves.

For more information, please visit -