MP Nadine Dorries in clash with J.K. Rowling over EU referendum

Mid Beds MP Nadine Dorries has clashed on Twitter today with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling over the EU referendum.

Remain camp member J.K. Rowling accused Brexit believer Nadine of “selling the desperate a lie” and warning her that experts concur Leave will severely impact jobs – including her own as an MP.

Nadine tweeted: “That’s why I want to protect borders and prevent cheap labour from suppressing the wage of struggling on my estate.”.

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The exasperated author replied: “If one more person tells me voting Remain is for the rich: WHO WILL SUFFER IF THE EXPERTS ARE RIGHT AND 100K JOBS GO AND WELFARE IS SLASHED? “

She then added: “You drove me to caps, Twitter. You drove me to caps.”

Tory Nadine publicly announced three months ago that she had quit Twitter because she was getting abused by trolls.

But she performed a sharp U turn to challenge J.K. Rowling, informing her that she “should be applauding and enabling social mobility, not sneering when it happens.”

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J.K replied: “Just so you know, I’m L’pool working class council estate til mid adult years.”

Nadine tweeted: “More like, don’t forget your roots once you’ve made it.”

She then added that J.K. had made her late for an appointment, prompting a swift reply from the author: “Scene: pearly gates. St Peter scans the record of my life on earth. He pales. ‘You – you made Nadine Dorries late?’”

The pair then appeared top make up, with Nadine tweeting about how much her daughters love J.K. Rowling’s books.

“She has given then hours upon hours of joy,” she said.