Nurofen product recall

NHS Bedfordshire is urging members of the public to check to see if they have any packets of Nurofen Plus, after the product was recalled by its manufacturer, Reckitt Benckiser (UK) Ltd.

The recall follows a Class 1 Drug Alert by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency after reports were received that the anti-psychotic drug, Seroquel XL, and Neurontin (a medicine used to treat epilepsy) were found in two new batches of Nurofen Plus tablets.

NHS Bedfordshire Head of Medicines Management, Andy Cooke, said: “As a precautionary measure we are advising people to check their stocks of medicines and return any unexpired Nurofen Plus to their nearest pharmacy for a refund.

“At the same time it is worth checking to see if you have any other medicines which you no longer need or which are out of date, as your local pharmacy will also dispose of these safely for free.

“If anyone is concerned they may have taken a tablet other than Nurofen Plus they should contact their GP.”

For more information on the product recall or the drug alert please visit the MHRA website

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