easyJet maps out the future with prototype smart shoes

The SneakairsThe Sneakairs
The Sneakairs
Luton-based airline easyJet tests has come up with a bright idea to help its customers explore the destinations they are being flown to.

This week it unveiled a prototype smart shoe – named ‘Sneakairs’ – which with their built-in technology could help customers explore new cities with ease, enabling them to take in their surroundings without getting lost.

The revolutionary shoe, unveiled at the Barcelona Street Project event in Barcelona, incorporates a technology which connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone app which uses a phone’s GPS and directs the wearer which way to walk by triggering small vibrating sensors within the shoe.

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A vibration on the left shoe means turn left, for example, two vibrations mean you’ve missed your turn, and three vibrations mean you’ve arrived.

The technology could see tourists being able to experience the sights without having to refer to a map or their phones for directions.

Peter Duffy, easyJet’s Marketing Director said: “The Sneakair is yet another example of how easyJet is always at the forefront of technology all designed to make travel easier for our customers.

“We are looking at making this technology available for purchase on-board in the future, offering a very practical solution to those passengers who want to relax visiting a new place without the need of a map and enjoy every moment while they explore a new city.”

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But are you picking up good vibrations from this idea? Will you choose to keep pace with this modern techology when you’re abroad? Or, more importantly, would you be happy wearing a pair of bright orange trainers everywhere you go!

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