TV: Best on the box for the week ahead (22.10.11)


All Star Family Fortunes (ITV, 6.30pm)

We asked 100 people: which quiz show is a perfect mid-weekend offering to which viewers can lazily slump in front of the telly after indulging in a calorific takeaway treat? Our survey said... Well, you get the picture. The show concludes its latest run tonight, as always with the ever-smiley Vernon Kay at its helm.

And there’s something for everyone, as singer and reality telly queen Stacey Solomon grabs some relatives and goes head to head with Emmerdale actor Danny Miller and his family.


Chris Moyles’ Hollywood Stars Quiz Night (Channel 4, 10pm)

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It would seem outspoken Radio One DJ Chris Moyles is never too far away from a gossip-fetching headline. But to be fair to him, he’s managed to get himself back in the limelight, giving the red tops something to really rave about – for all the right reasons – since his Marmite-style humour has been brought to the small screen in this offering.

A besuited Chris is back tonight and he isn’t doing things by halves what with guests Will Ferrell, David Walliams and Louis Walsh dropping by to have their general knowledge tested.

Britney Spears, One Direction, Robbie Williams and Paul O’Grady will also be showing their faces.


Young Apprentice (BBC One, 9pm)

The former Junior Apprentice gets a new name, which may leave some viewers wondering if Alan Sugar has given up trying to find the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, and is now searching for wannabe Jedi Knights instead. Don’t worry though, the teenagers taking part in this competition have been chosen for their business acumen, and not their skill with a light-sabre.


Death in Paradise (BBC One, 9pm)

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Every good TV cop needs a gimmick, and DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller), the hero of Death in Paradise is no exception. His unique selling point is that he’s terminally ungrateful.

He’s summoned to the Caribbean island Saint Marie to investigate the death of DI Charlie Hulme, who was found dead in a locked panic room during a party at a local mansion. While some officers would be secretly tempted to toast the killer with a rum cocktail and then string the investigation out for as long as possible, Richard can’t wait to wrap the case up so he can leave all that wretched sun, sea and sand behind and return to the grey streets of Blighty.


Frozen Planet (BBC One, 9pm)

David Attenborough’s latest series sees him delving into the mysteries of the Arctic and Antarctic. The opening edition begins with Attenborough at the North Pole, where usually ferocious polar bears are seen showing their tender side during courtship.


Hidden (BBC One, 9pm)

The four-part conspiracy theory thriller series draws to a close tonight, with an hour of top-class, twist-and-turn telly.


The Graham Norton Show (BBC One, 10.35pm)

Tonight, Graham will be chatting to James McAvoy, who’s dropping by to discuss his role in animated comedy film Arthur Christmas and John Bishop will be getting comfy on the sofa.