Pensioner tells conman ‘politely where to go’ after he tries to sell her ring at roadside

Police are appealing for witnessesPolice are appealing for witnesses
Police are appealing for witnesses
A pensioner is warning others after she was stopped on a country road by a conman offering rings in return for money.

The well-dressed trickster, driving a black Mercedes car, said he had run out of petrol and offered the jewellery for cash.

Retired Daphne Bateman, from Long Marston, who ‘politely told him where to go’, is warning others so that they do not become victims of the scam, which until now has only been reported as happening on major roads.

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Daphne, who was driving between Wingrave and Mentmore Crossroads along Leighton Road at the time and was forced to stop because the man had stepped into the road, said: “It’s happening around here on country lanes as well.

“A chap got out of a black Mercedes, he was in a suit and tie. He said he needed some cash because he had run out of petrol and he was going to a funeral.

“He offered use a gold ring and asked us for £70.”

Previous reports of the scam have been isolated to motorway junctions and major roads where one to three rings, which are worthless, have been offered in return for cash.

Insp Colin Clark said: “In many cases gold-coloured rings were offered by the offenders as a surety but these transpired to not actually be gold and to be practically worthless.”

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Thames Valley Police has so far received 26 reports of incidents on motorways in the force area.

One victim has also reported seeing the con artist at the same location - the A41 bypass near Tring - on more than one occasion.

Anyone with information about these type of incidents can contact the police on the non-emergency number 101.