Linslade Lower School pupils with their Easter Bonnets.Linslade Lower School pupils with their Easter Bonnets.
Linslade Lower School pupils with their Easter Bonnets.

50 pictures of Linslade Lower School through the years as it gets ready to celebrate its 110th birthday

See anyone you recognise?

As Linslade Lower School gets ready to celebrate its 100th birthday, we've taken a look through the Leighton Buzzard Observer archives to bring you these retro pictures.

The school opened just a year before the outbreak of World War One and will be holding a special a special “School History” week from Monday (October 30) to mark the milestone birthday. Each class will be looking at a period of time in the school’s history and comparing it to school now.

The school will be open to current families on Friday, November 3 in the afternoon. On Saturday, November 4 the school will be open from 10am until 2pm for general visitors.

The school opened in 1913 as a Boys’ Council School for boys aged between seven and 14 years old. This was housed in the oldest building which is visible from Leopold Road. In 1948 an extra building, known as a HORSA (Hutting Operation for the Raising of the School-leaving Age) was built and the school became a secondary school for girls and boys aged from 11 to 14 years old.

In 1961 infants and junior aged children moved from Stoke Road Junior School to Linslade County Primary School. The current main school building was used to teach children from five to 11 years of age.

In 1972 the school changed its name to Linslade Lower School and took children from five to nine years old. In 1984 the nursery opened.

The current Early Years Foundation Stage (aged three to five years old) is taught in the original building with children aged from five to nine years old in the larger 1961 part of the school.

The youngsters pictured will be all grown up by now – but see if you spot anyone you recognise.