Join Leighton Buzzard man's 24 hour gaming livestream and raise money for Student Minds

'The size of the problem to the world doesn’t matter; if you’re struggling, you deserve support'

Friday, 2nd July 2021, 12:46 pm
Updated Friday, 2nd July 2021, 1:04 pm

A Leighton Buzzard man is launching a 24-hour gaming livestream this weekend to raise much-needed funds for a mental health charity.

Adam Gorry, 19, will be holding the Gozza Games 2021 from 10am on July 3 to 10am on July 4 as he aims to reach his £1,000 target for Student Minds.

A university student himself, Adam saw first hand how people's mental health was affected whilst people were juggling their studies, being away from home - and then a pandemic.

Adam Gorry and the Gozza Games poster.
Adam Gorry and the Gozza Games poster.

Adam said: "I think young people have adapted exceptionally well to the exceptional circumstances. However it’s taken an exhausting toll, trying to prepare for the future and continue with our academic and social lives as best we can while facing so many unknowns.

"The news is constantly covering such distressing topics that it becomes easy to perceive any of your own problems as unimportant; this perspective makes it easier for us not to talk to others, but allows the problems to persist and often worsen."

Encouraging others to seek help, Adam added: "The size of the problem to the world doesn’t matter; if you’re struggling, you deserve support."

This weekend members of the public can join in with the games and enjoy a COD war zone, Minecraft, Cards Against Humanity, FIFA, Among Us, Jackbox party games, Mukbang, a quiz, dares, and more!

Gozza Games

The challenge will be the second Gozza Games event to take place, and readers may recognise Adam from last year when he held is first challenge for CHUMS, the children and young people's mental health charity.

Reflecting on his experience of the pandemic and his motivation to support Student Minds this summer, Adam said: "Arriving at university after the first wave I’d built up a lot of motivation to do as much as I could, especially feeling privileged after getting into my first choice university when so many others unjustly didn’t. I’d started meeting loads of wonderful people and taking up every opportunity to perform music, join societies, go out with new friends; once the restrictions began again, the momentum dropped off like a cliff-face.

"It was more difficult than the first lockdown because we thought we’d beaten the worst of it, and now it felt like I’d been dropped hopelessly deep down a well."

After coming back from university in December, with both birthday and Christmas plans left spoiled, Adam tried to be more conscious of his behaviour so he wouldn’t "fall into the same mental pit as before".

He spontaneously held a quiz online for his friends, giving them all something to look forward to.

He added: "Over the last year, we have all shown great resilience and determination, acting together to support each other both academically and personally. However, it's common to feel concerned about talking to friends or family, for both providing and receiving help. For that reason, I've decided this year to support Student Minds, who work across the UK to help students with just those issues."

Last year, Adam donated £1,500 to CHUMS and this summer he would love to beat this milestone and raise even more for Student Minds.

The charity helps students to "develop the knowledge, confidence and skills to look after their own mental health, support their peers and create change". It also works collaboratively with institutions, students’ unions and other organisations involved in higher education, supporting them to take a whole-university approach to mental health.

"I’d like to see them become a common resource for all UK campuses," said Adam.

Adam is enrolled in Creative Music Technology BMus at the University of Surrey and previously studied at Cedars Upper School.

To dip in and join in with the games, visit: To donate, visit: said: "The more of you take part, the more fun we will all have!"