Linslade family recreate scenes from Spielberg's The Terminal while stuck in airport for seven hours

The 2004 movie stars Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones

A Linslade family gave Steven Spielberg a run for his money when they recreated scenes from Tom Hanks hit 'The Terminal' whilst stuck in an airport.

The Day clan - dad David, mum Louise, and daughters Megan and Frankie - captured humorous moments inspired by the 2004 movie whilst waiting at Minneapolis Saint Paul for seven hours.

The comedy-drama tells the tale of Viktor Navorski (Hanks) who is trapped at a New York airport due to a coup d'état in his homeland. Stranded there indefinitely, Viktor is involved in no end of silly shenanigans, whilst he befriends a glamorous air hostess and love interest (Catherine Zeta-Jones).

David, 52, said: "We'd spent a nice holiday in the States and happened to have a longer layover than normal.

"As we were flying in, my daughter Megan suggested ways to fill the time, and said, 'Why don't we take some pictures of 'The Terminal'? She'd seen the movie, and I had a similar idea as well.

"We probably spent a good four hours wandering around, scouting out locations, taking shots and eventually getting brave enough to ask staff members to take part."

David explained that sometimes they only had seconds to capture a shot, so as not to disturb a hoard of busy travellers hurrying past.

Meanwhile, the family had great fun working with the staff.

David said: "We walked up to a desk that had two ladies and a guy; luckily the guy had seen the film, so one of the ladies said she would take a few shots.

"She got really into it, and was quite particular - 'That won't do; let me take a better one.'

"Everyone we spoke to thought it was quite amusing."

He added: "We found a cleaner who had a big mop and borrowed it for one shot. They were rather bemused too!"

All of the Days star in the challenge, and enjoyed a long nap to fill the remaining time.

David has shared the results on social media, and says "it would be lovely to get a thumbs up" from Steven, Tom or Catherine.

He concluded: "It's a fantastic movie that we've watched multiple times."

David works as a teacher at Bedford Greenacre Independent School, and the Days visited his eldest daughter, Harriet, in Utah, and his sister, Debbie, in Calgary.