Linslade singer Fiona Harrison's new music video inspired by returning BBC drama Peaky Blinders

'That Man' 1920s music video influenced by popular TV show, plus the musical Chicago

By Steve Sims
Friday, 25th February 2022, 4:09 pm

Linslade soprano and costume artist Fiona Harrison has taken inspiration from returning BBC series Peaky Blinders as she reveals her latest music video.

Season six will air on BBC1 from Sunday (February 27), and Fiona was heavily influenced by the popular British drama, as well as the musical Chicago, as she decided to set her video for 'That Man' back in the 1920s.

She says her video has been been dazzling audiences on the heritage and re-enactment scene. Originally recorded by Dutch jazz swing singer Caro Emerald in 2010, Fiona fell in love with the song when she first heard it performed in Marvel Studios TV series Agent Carter.

“The song was fresh but had a vintage sound which was just what I was looking for” said Fiona. “I knew this number well having performed it for Lindy Hop dances so when it came to making a video I wanted my show-reel to be a little bit edgy and have a slightly dark and dangerous look.

“For the purpose of the film I thought it would be fun to play both parts, a coquettish moll and a Tommy Shelby gangster-style character by dressing up and becoming 'That Man'.

“It’s important to be on trend and at the time of recording we weren’t quite sure when the BBC were going to show the final Peaky Blinders drama. This week everything has come together with the new series."

Initially it had been Fiona’s plan to shoot at the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley but due to copyright restrictions it became necessary for Fiona to find another venue, eventually settling for the Milton Keynes Museum in Wolverton and Stoke Bruerne.

Fiona Harrison 'That Man' (Photo: Angela Adams)

“I’m always looking for interesting venues”, said Fiona. “After performing at The Luton Festival of Transport in April I was thrilled to make the acquaintance of Andy Wilson who very kindly allowed me to be photographed in his 1926 Morris Oxford Bull nose car.

“There are no shortage of canal locations around Leighton Buzzard but once Andy came on board it became necessary to find somewhere, there was signifiant space so we could use his car."

The video took 12 months of planning from start to finish and even involved Fiona commissioning Wendover Wood to make her 1920s microphone and Peter Hardicker of Everything Sorted to film and edit the show-reel. All of Fiona’s still shots were taken by photographer Angela Adams and her video can be seen by going to her website www.fionaharrison.bizFiona has a full diary for 2022 and has been booked to perform for the Queens Platinum Jubilee celebrations in Slapton and Leighton Buzzard High Street on June 2 and 3. Fiona will also be returning to Bletchley Park on August 6 where she will be opening the parks concert season with her 1940s WRNS show.

Tommy Shelby (CILLIAN MURPHY) in Peaky Blinders which returns to screens on February 27. (Photo: BBC)
Fiona Harrison 'That Man' (Photo: Angela Adams)
Fiona Harrison 'That Man' (Photo: Angela Adams)
Fiona Harrison 'That Man' (Photo: Angela Adams)
Fiona Harrison 'That Man' (Photo: Angela Adams)