Lion siblings at Woburn enjoy purr-fect birthday treat with giant cat toy

It was even sprayed in men’s fragrance to pique their interest

Two of the youngest members of the 12-strong pride of lions at Woburn Safari Park have been treated to a roarsome second birthday gift from their keepers. SEE ABOVE

The lucky lions - Kahari and Kojo - were given a giant cat toy, based on a puzzle toy for a domestic cat, with a ball trapped within a frame.

Specially created by the animal enrichment experts Team Building with Bite, the toy had to be solid and robust enough for lions’ teeth and claws at play.

Kahari and Kojo

The final build measured over 1.2m and weighed in at around 70kgs - and was sprayed in men’s fragrance which helps pique the lions’ interest.

Craig Lancaster, head of carnivores, said: “Kahari and Kojo, were born on July 25, 2019 and are now juveniles, but still growing fast and they’re not too big to enjoy some fun and games.

“They’re still really inquisitive, so we wanted to give them something that would pique their interest for their birthday this year.”

And the birthday gift was a huge success - with all the lions in the pride showing an interest.

Kahari and Kojo