Literature lovers rejoice as new shop 'Book' opens in Leighton Buzzard today

'Just come in and say hello! That's the message we want to get out'

Tuesday, 7th September 2021, 12:43 pm
Updated Tuesday, 7th September 2021, 12:52 pm

A new book shop is opening in Leighton Buzzard today, inviting customers to come and discover unchartered worlds and excite their imaginations.

Book, High Street Mews, will offer readers young and old the opportunity to purchase fiction and non-fiction titles, as well as award winning page turners.

Shop manager Jenni Blake will be very happy to recommend you some new reading material, while there are also plans to hold book clubs in the future.

Book, Leighton Buzzard. Credit: Jenni Blake.

Explaining the story behind the shop, Jenni told the LBO: "It all came about in a very serendipitous way.

"I decided to do a pregnancy yoga course and met some friends. We were chatting away about what we do and I said that I'd worked in publishing for 12 years but would really love to run a book shop.

"Then one of the group turned round and said that her husband was interested in investing in a book shop, so we got to know each other a little bit."

The man in question was Leighton Buzzard local James Patterson-Watson, and after having an initial chat, the pair found the shop advertised online and took out a lease.

Lots of decorating has taken place for the grand opening, and Jenni can't wait to welcome in new customers.

She said: "James is really interested in investing in the high street and making sure lots of community activities are going on.

"I think Leighton Buzzard is a little bit of a hidden gem and I think the Town Council are really active, making sure lots of events are going on for different parts of the community. I think that's quite rare in a town."

Jenni added: "The feedback from people has been really exciting; we're getting lots of positivity. People are saying that there used to be a bookshop in High Street Mews years ago and that they really miss it."

Jenni, 37, became interested in reading at a young age because her mother was a librarian, with Jenni visiting the library after school until her mother had finished work.

When she was older, Jenni's Saturday jobs were also in libraries, and she studied English Literature at university.

Upon graduating, the keen reader worked at an independent book shop and then for Penguin Books for 12 years, until family life no longer suited the daily commute.

Jenni concluded: "Just come in and say hello! That's the message we want to get out.

"Hopefully we will become a hub for reading and the love of reading as we go forward.

"We support reading in all formats; we have a variety of books and also stock graphics novels for those not keen on wordy books.

"We are always here to help and advise."

Jenni has lived in Leighton Buzzard for nearly six years, and has two sons, Dylan, seven months, and Sam, six, who has "just caught the reading bug!"

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