Real-life love story inspires winning White Wedding design in Wingrave scarecrow competition

Newlyweds Kate and Robert Boyer were the inspiration for the Billy Idol theme

Monday, 10th May 2021, 5:35 pm
Updated Monday, 10th May 2021, 5:36 pm

It was a nice day for a white wedding in Wingrave when a true love story was behind the winning scarecrow display at the village festival.

Newlyweds Kate and Robert Boyer were the real-life inspiration for the Billy Idol-themed rock and roll entry from talented resident Cathy Neary

When coming up with ideas for the scarecrow display, the villagers knew about the couple's plans to get married and thought that a nod to their happy day would be a brilliant addition to the line-up.

The scarecrow festival was held over the May bank holiday weekend. Robert and Kate were married on April 26.

'White Wedding' scarecrow designer, Cathy, 60, told the LBO: "My theme was Billy Idol's 'Nice Day for a White Wedding', because the whole theme for the festival was the 1980s. The idea for the song came from one of my neighbours who suggested it to me because our neighbours across the road were getting married.

"My partner said we could build a stage out of scaffolding, so we had Billy in the middle with his microphone and guitar, and the bride and groom on either side.

"I was really pleased with the outcome and I thought it was effective.

"The scarecrow festival is getting bigger every year. We had people coming from all over bringing their friends and relatives."

Meanwhile, the real-life happy couple, Kate and Robert, were married in Aylesbury Registry Office on April 26, with their reception held at The Broad Leys pub and restaurant.

Because numbers were restricted due to Covid-19, their neighbours also held them a special outdoor tea party, complete with delicious cakes from Baked by Alice Louisa.

Talking about the scarecrow festival, Kate, 56, said: "Cathy's house is directly opposite ours so we could see it all taking place outside our bedroom window.

"Our neighbours had hinted that they would think about a wedding theme and we were very very touched - and then to have a little party for us as well!

"It was so thoughtful and Cathy had put huge amounts of effort into it."

Robert and Kate first met back in 1988, but lost touch.

Then, three years ago, Kate had an accident, which meant that she ended up very poorly in hospital. She decided it was time to track Robert down.

After exchanging messages, they finally met in person in 2020, and "took a leap of faith" moving into Wingrave together last April.

The rest, as they say, is history!

Kate said: "The only words I can say is it's like the final piece of my puzzle, and I feel complete."

Kate and Robert would like to thank all the residents of Nan Aires cul-de-sac, Bron Hughes for making their chocolate wedding cake, and their wedding caterers at The Broad Leys.

Meanwhile, Cathy would like to thank her partner, Graham, for his help with the display, festival organiser, Louise, and their friends and neighbours for helping to gather the pieces for the display.