Strange noises lead to a surprising discovery at Linslade Woods

Volunteers also appeal for visitors not to cause damage to countryside

Wednesday, 24th March 2021, 11:29 am
Updated Wednesday, 24th March 2021, 11:30 am

The Friends of Linslade Woods were surprised to learn of the recent sighting of an unusual bird on the site.

Greensand Trust Countryside Ranger John Creasey heard some strange noises coming from the woods and was taken aback to see a turkey waddling amongst the trees!

He called the RSPCA who were able to come out and after a lot of persuasion coax the turkey into a cardboard box so that it could be taken away.

The turkey

But the Friends say, unfortunately, the turkey was not the only unusual sighting in the woods recently. It was also discovered that a large den had been constructed together with a cycle jump and a large area of bluebells had been destroyed in the process.

A spokesman said: "With spring well on the way the bluebells will be starting to flower and the woods will soon be covered in a blue carpet. Visitors are particularly welcome at this time of year to enjoy the natural beauty and experience the wildlife. However the Friends group are concerned that people are able to enjoy the woods without causing any damage."

In particular the group would like visitors to obey a few simple rules:

> Keep to the marked paths and do not step on the bluebells. They are very vulnerable and are easily destroyed by trampling.

> Cycling is prohibited in the Bluebell Wood and is only allowed on the bridleway and designated paths elsewhere in the woods.

> Bear in mind that the Bluebell Wood is a Nature Reserve and not a playground. There are plenty of places to play in other areas of the woods, provided that no damage is caused.

The spokesman addeD: "The Friends’ group believe that in these difficult times it is very important that we all come together to enjoy the woods and to care for and protect the wildlife. It is therefore essential that the woods are not damaged in any way that could spoil other people’s enjoyment or cause any harm to wildlife."