Central Bedfordshire Council to receive nearly £22million to repair the region's roads

The money will be spread over 11 years. Stock image.The money will be spread over 11 years. Stock image.
The money will be spread over 11 years. Stock image.
They say they will prioritise the county’s busier roads

Central Bedfordshire Council will receive nearly £22million over the next decade to repair the region’s roads.

The Government will provide the authority with over £21,983,000 across the next 11 years, with the area set to receive £702,000 this financial year. The sum will be followed by a further £702,000 for 2024-25, as part of a long-term funding plan through to 2034.

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The £22million is additional to the April announcement when the Government gave Central Bedfordshire Council an extra £989,000 to mend our roads.

Now, new plans allow the Government to invest £8.3billion, enough to resurface over 5,000 miles of roads across the country, saving motorists up to £440 on vehicle repairs.

Cllr Simon Ford, Central Bedfordshire Council’s Executive Member for Highways, said: “As a new, independent administration, we’re committed to stepping up our efforts in the annual fight against potholes and other damage to roads. This year we’ve invested in prevention, and nearly 65 miles of roads have recently been resurfaced – much more than last year.

Winter will inevitably cause some damage to roads, so we’ve also developed an easier to use, better reporting system which provides more information to people on what happens when a repair is reported.

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“We welcome the government’s announcement about additional funding for Central Bedfordshire. We’ll always have to prioritise work – focussing on the roads with more traffic, for example. Overall, our aim is to work smarter, provide better value for money, and be clearer with residents about what we’re doing and why.”