These are the candidates standing for election in the Leighton Buzzard area this May

File photo of a voter placing a ballot paper in the ballot box.File photo of a voter placing a ballot paper in the ballot box.
File photo of a voter placing a ballot paper in the ballot box.
Polling day is May 4

A shake-up in Central Bedfordshire Council wards for this year’s local elections means there is no specific Linslade ward.

Voters across the district are due to elect 63 CBC councillors to represent 31 wards.

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In Leighton Linslade North, Mike Bishop, Patrick Carberry and Jane Woodman stand for the Labour Party; David Bligh, Nigel Carnell and Kevin Pughe represent the Liberal Democrats; Steve Jones, Tony Morris and Ewan Wallace are the Conservative candidates; and Antonio Vitiello contests for the English Democrats.

In Leighton Linslade South, Ray Berry, Branko Bjelobaba and Amanda Dodwell represent the Conservative Party; Clive Betts, Graham Marsden and Daniel Scott are the Labour Party candidates; Sarah Cursons and June Tobin stand as Independents; and Emma Holland-Lindsay, Chris Leamen and Shaun Roberts contest for the Liberal Demcorats.

And in Leighton Linslade West, Ryan Battams and Victoria Harvey stand as Independent candidates; Benjamin Bowles, Beverley McBain and Kieran Roan represent the Labour Party; Adam Fahn and Julian Gallie stand for the Conservatives; with Russ Goodchild, Steve Owen and Joseph Worrall for the Liberal Democrats.

There are four candidates contesting Aspley and Woburn, Independent John Baker, Neil Davies for the Labour Party, James Emm representing the Liberal Democrats and Conservative Martin Hawkins.

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At Caddington, representing the Conservatives are Kevin Collins and Michael Stott, Mala Dinsdale and Shirley Smith represent the Labour Party, Eila Goss and Susan Thorne stand for the Liberal Democrats, Vicky Malone and John Waller are Independent candidates, and Matt Russell contests for the Green Party.

Keith Faulkner, for Labour, Liberal Democrat Dominic Scholfield and Conservative Philip Spicer are the candidates in Eton Bray.

In Heath and Reach, Sebastien Hine represents the Green Party, Rhiannon Leamen stands for the Liberal Democrats, Harry Palmer is a Reform UK candidate, Christine Shepphard contests for Labour, with Mark Versallion for the Conservative Party.

At parish and town council level for Leighton-Linslade, Conservative Julian Gallie and Labour’s Jane Woodman stand in Bassett ward.

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In Brooklands, Kevin Blake and Marion Carter represent the Liberal Democrats, Bradley Cooper and Amanda Dodwell stand for the Conservatives, and Gemma Russell is a Labour Party candidate.

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In Grovebury, Chika Amadi, Branko Bjelobaba and Shandor Nikitits represent the Conservatives; David Bligh, Michael Gallie, Alice Payne and Nico Trenor Lopez stand for the Liberal Democrats; while Benjamin Bowles, Keith Faulkner, David Groves and Christine Shepphard are the Labour candidates,

David Goss representing the Liberal Democrats and Independent candidate Victoria Harvey contest Leston ward.

In Planets, Michael Bishop, Peter McMorrow and Michael Niblett stand for the Labour Party; Liam Fahy, Sheona Hemmings and Steve Jones are the Conservative candidates; Kevin Pughe represents the Liberal Democrats, and Antonio Vitiello contests for the English Democrats.

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In Plantation, Ray Berry and Tony Morris stand for the Conservative Party, Andrew Green represents Labour, and Mark Simpkins and Alan White contest for the Liberal Democrats.

In Southcott, Nigel Carnell, James Emm and Joseph Symes represent the Liberal Democrats, while Adam Fahn is a Conservative Party candidate.

And in St George’s, Pat Carberry and Sam Russell stand for the Labour Party, Tommy Godfrey represents the Liberal Democrats, with Ewan Wallace as a Conservative candidate.

Other parish or town seats are uncontested, so Mark Freeman, Russ Goodchild and Steve Owen are elected in Leighton-Linslade Barnabas ward.

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Stewart Bailey, Laura Nagle, Barrie Plasom, Timothy Raper and Adam Sayers are elected in Aspley Guise.

Gillian Clough, Gillian Harris, Lynn Jones, Alison Jordan, Chris Marshell, Anthony McKay, Adrian Sandys-Wood and Sally Smith are elected in Aspley Heath.

In Billington, Don Brewin, Philippa Butcher, Richard Edwins, Lorraine Mawer, Ian Stoner-Redfern and Helen Thompson are elected.

In Caddington, Roy Catford, Bob Fitzsimmons, Mick Mackey, Victoria Malone, Andy Palmer, Heather Palmer, Mark Russell and Matthew Tomlin are elected.

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Richard Ball, Marie Brewer, Sue Cappella, Joan Conner and Mark Tomkins are elected in Eton Bray.

In Eggington Clipstone, David Parkinson is elected, while in Eggington Village Kerry Gortin and Martine Tournay are elected.

In Heath and Reach, Julie Bevan, Martin Boyden, Dawn Fitzpatrick, Anna Inns, Helen Loomes and Sarah Nelson are elected.

Richard Alexander, Peter Edwards, Robert Scott and Rebecca Wuczke are elected in Hockliffe.

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In Husborne Crawley, Tom Hopper, Giles Lang, Bea O’Rourke and Sheila Pearston are elected.

Amelia Lancaster, Nicholas Martin, Gus Murchie, Rainey Waldorf and David Woodcock are elected in Hyde.

In Kensworth, Cheryl Browne, Emma Kerby, Patricia Mitchell, John Murray, Amy Robinson, Graham Starkey, Philip Woods and John Warboys are elected.

In Ridgmont, Michael Dray, Helen Francis, Paul Francis, Timothy Pick, Maria Spearing, Anna Warne and Rachel Yexley are elected.

And in Slip End, Carol Beeton, Carol Brennan, Sarah Minnighan, Simon Patterson and Paul Shaw are elected.

Polling is on Thursday, May 4.