Refurbished Woburn Bells are ready to ring again

Woburn bells have been refurbishedWoburn bells have been refurbished
Woburn bells have been refurbished
Woburn Bells will ring out to welcome everyone to the re-dedication service at 11am on Saturday, May 14, at St Mary's Church.

The bells have been out of action since December 2015, they have been refurbished and Professor Angela Newing has donated the funds to enable Woburn’s bells to be rehung on new bearings.

The plain bearings have been replaced by roller bearings which make the bells easier to ring and the wheels, which the bell ropes are attached to, have been strengthened.

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Raymond Watkin arranges and conducts the ringing of the bells at Woburn, he said: “Our magnificent ring of bells have recently been refurbished.

“We have had the bell frame refurbished and bird netting fitted to the louvers in order to keep out the Jackdaws which have been resident in the bell chamber. The stairway and ringing room are soon to be redecorated as well.”

The Bishop of St Albans, Rt Revd Alan Smith, will attend the special service and will be among the first to ring the newly refurbished bells.

Mr Watkin added: “For many years now we have relied on ringers from the surrounding area to come and ring for us, and we are now looking to teach a new local band.

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“Bell ringing is good for both the body and mind, it is very sociable and a service to the church.

“Many people who are suffering are comforted by the sound of the bells, as they know when they hear them, they are being remembered in a prayer.

“It makes a good hobby for single people looking to make new friendships or a family group who want a hobby, the ideal age is anyone aged between 10 and 70,

“Whether you are a lapsed ringer who would like to get back in the belfry, new to the village and looking for ways to make friends or maybe you are just curious about what really goes on up the spiral staircase, we would love to hear from you.”

For more information call Raymond Watkin on 01908 675764.