Safety: Charity urges greater workplace fire awareness

Businesses in the south are being challenged by St John Ambulance to improve on their fire prevention and safety in order to reduce the number of injuries caused by workplace fires.

The charity, best known for its first aid work, is concerned that a lack of awareness when it comes to fire safety is adding to the increasing number of people sustaining injuries in their places of work, and is encouraging companies in Buckinghamshire to take action.

Statistics used by St John Ambulance on their Fire Marshal training courses reveal that over a four year period an average of 1,425 people are injured in fires at work and UK Fire and Rescue services are called to nearly 12,000 fires on business premises. In the same period there were 32 fire-related workplace deaths.

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Chris Huelin, who manages St John Ambulance’s Fire Marshal courses explains; ‘By businesses understanding how to prevent fires they are not only making an effort to protect their property but also their employees.

“As a first aid charity, we obviously strive to ensure that everyone who needs first aid receives it but we also want to stress that preventing accidents happening in the first place is important. Injuries relating to fires will range from burns to sprains, strains and breaks sustained as people evacuate buildings.

“It’s important that employers know how to prevent fires and our Fire Marshal courses educate them to be able to do this.’

The four hour course covers the role of the designated fire marshal, including hazard spotting and evacuations. It also provides an opportunity to learn about the different types of fire extinguisher and how to use them correctly.

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The course is suitable for those who are responsible for overseeing fire safety, fire marshals and anyone who needs to know how to use a fire extinguisher.

For details on Fire Marshal courses and First aid courses see or call 0844 324 5535