Schools urged to back Poop Scoop Week

National Poop Scoop Week starts on June 11 and the UK’s largest dog welfare charity is calling on schools to show their support for responsible dog ownership by backing the Paws up for Poop Scoop campaign.

The awareness week encourages dog owners to demonstrate responsible dog ownership and pick up after their dogs.

For the second year the team from Dogs Trust is urging local schools to support the awareness week and ‘put their paws up for poop scoop.’

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Last year 75,000 children across the country did just this and it is hoped that this year even more dog owners of the future will support the campaign.

Schools wanting to get involved should visit

If you send in a picture of pupils putting your ‘Paws up for Poop Scoop’ with a Poop Scoop poster the charity will send free T-shirts for all the class.

Dogs Trust chief executive Clarissa Baldwin: “Dog fouling is an issue Dogs Trust is determined to tackle and we hope Poop Scoop Week will reinforce the importance of picking up dog poo!

“We hope that by getting the support of children around the country we can shape the future of dog ownership. We want people to be able to enjoy clean public areas all year round and if everyone remembers the importance of picking after their dog we can make a big difference.”

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Dog fouling is a problem the charity is determined to tackle. The campaign slogan ‘Bag it and Bin it’ is a simple reminder to all dog owners:

BAG IT – Once your dog’s poop has been scooped, carefully turn the plastic bag inside out and your dogs mess will then be ‘bagged’.

BIN IT - Dispose of your bag in any litter bin provided (don’t leave it lying around). Contrary to popular belief, dog waste can be put into a public litter bin if a specific dog waste bin is not provided.

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