The eagle has landed... Norman safely recaptured in Barton le Clay

Norman the missing golden eagle.Norman the missing golden eagle.
Norman the missing golden eagle.
A golden eagle that went missing two weeks ago sparking fears it could kill pets was recaptured today.

Owner Allen Smith, 65, warned animal lovers to keep their cats and dogs indoors when three year-old Norman went missing.

The eagle, which has a 6ft wingspan, was spotted in the skies over Bedfordshire after disappearing from the falconer in Flitwick on January 9.

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Relieved Allen was contacted yesterday to say the 10lb bird had been found on an industrial estate five miles away in Barton-le-Clay.

He rushed to the scene and enticed Norman down with a dead rabbit.

As the eagle grabbed the meat he managed to get hold of his straps and bundle him into his car.

Allen said: “He was on this garden fence near the entrance to the industrial estate.

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“The gentleman who found him rang the police and he stayed with him until I arrived.

“I don’t know what he has eaten but you could tell he was hungry.

“He hasn’t attacked any pets or anything like that but he has led us on a bit of a chase around Bedfordshire.

“I always knew we would get him back. An untrained golden eagle went missing from London Zoo before and they got him back so I always always confident.”

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