Gritters take to the road as snow is expected in Central Bedfordshire

One of Central Beds Council's grittersOne of Central Beds Council's gritters
One of Central Beds Council's gritters
The Met Office has forecast 'blustery wintry showers'

Gritters are set to take to the roads this evening for a full gritting run - as Central Beds could be in for snow.

Central Bedfordshire Council said: "It is a cold, blustery day and looks like we may get the odd bit of hail/sleet/snow later this afternoon - though we're not expecting the snow to lie.

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"It's likely road temperatures will be around freezing and below in places overnight.

"That means we'll do a full gritting run at 8pm."

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It receives a special forecast from the Met Office so it knows when it's time to hit the road with its gritters, which spread a mixture of brine (salt-water) and rock salt which helps roads become clearer much faster.