Worrying increase in dogs being put down

THE number of stray dogs put down in the past 12 months was up by more than a third on the previous year, the Dogs Trust says.

In the Anglia region 277 dogs were destroyed, a rise of 37 per cent on the previous year.

The Dogs Trust compiled its yearly report on stray and abandoned dogs from figures from council dog wardens.

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The charity says figures are at all time high and that more than 126,000 dogs were picked up by local authorities during the year, with six per cent of those animals – 20 dogs a day – being put down.

The survey also revealed a large number of dogs were rejected by their owners who refused to claim them once found and identified by local dog wardens.

“A spokesman said: “This new trend is worrying as it appears some dog owners no longer view their pet as a valued family member or have not considered the true cost and responsibility involved with owning a dog.”

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