Seven tools to help you grow a dream garden

Green-fingered people need the right tools to create a dream garden.

Experts have identified these seven implements that should be in every gardener’s toolkit...

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This is the ideal tool for digging a small hole to place your plants. A hand trowel can also be good for extracting long-rooted weeds. The trowel should be metal all the way through, and not connected with a plastic handle as this will create a weak point when using force.


Perfect for turning soil, it’s much easier to work with thick soil with a fork instead of a spade. The side of a fork can also be used to break up large pieces of mud.


Wearing gloves will save your hands from getting dirty when you’re digging around in the mud, as well as stopping you from getting scratched when dealing with prickly plants.


If you’re planning on doing any landscaping a spade will help make it easy to move the mud and dirt. If you have flowers and shrubs with bigger roots that need planting, a spade will save more time digging than a hand trowel.

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This will be your best friend when it comes to autumn and the leaves from the trees start to fall. Use the rake to move the leaves off your grass and plant beds to ensure they can still benefit from the  sun.

Watering Can

Plants will always need watering, especially in the drier summer months, and having a watering can makes it easier to ensure they get the vital water. You can fill up your can with free rainwater collected from overflowing gutters or water butts. Watering cans with sprinkler style nozzles are a great way to ensure plants enjoy an even covering.

A spokesperson for, which compiled the tips, said: “The right tools will make it easier for you, and means tasks will be done quicker, leaving you with more time to enjoy your outdoor area.”

(photo: Shutterstock)

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