This is what Little Mix said about Simon Cowell in their new single This Is Not a Pop Song

The group appeared to reference their old boss in their new single (Photo: Shutterstock/Justin Thallis/Getty Images)The group appeared to reference their old boss in their new single (Photo: Shutterstock/Justin Thallis/Getty Images)
The group appeared to reference their old boss in their new single (Photo: Shutterstock/Justin Thallis/Getty Images)

Musical group Little Mix have released their new single, This Is Not a Pop Song, and fans think that they reference their old boss Simon Cowell in the lyrics.

Little Mix left Syco, Simon Cowell’s music label, two years ago in 2018.

This is what the group said in their new song.

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What did Little Mix say in their new song?

The girl group have released their new single, titled This Is Not a Pop Song, and it appears to reference their former label boss, Simon Cowell.

Little Mix were previously signed to Cowell’s label, Syco, before they parted ways in 2018.

The single is a track from Little Mix’s upcoming album called Confetti, which is due to be released on 6 November.

The lyrics to the song includes the lines:

“I don’t do what Simon says, Get the message cause it’s read, that’s just life it never plays fair, said to follow any dream, don’t be a puppet on a string, works for you but that isn’t me.”

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While the lyrics appear to be a dig against Cowell, a source close to the group reportedly told Metro: “The girls wanted to do something tongue-in-cheek about their past and taking control of their careers with this new album Confetti - their first with new label RCA.

“It’s not bitchy - and isn’t meant in a bitchy way at all.

“They think Simon will see the funny side of it - as they know he loves attention and will think it’s all playful. It’s about them growing up and becoming women in a way.”

Has Simon Cowell responded?

Cowell has not responded to the lyrics from Little Mix yet.

In early August, the media mogul broke his back after falling from an electric bike.

While he has reportedly been recovering well, he had missed filming for television shows America’s Got Talent and the live rounds of Britain's Got Talent, for which he was a judge.

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Cowell has largely stayed off of social media following his accident, apart from a few tweets here and there.

His most recent tweet was posted on 22 September, saying: “It’s the #AGT finals tonight. Good luck to all the contestants and thank you all for tuning in. I wish I was there.”

Why did Little Mix leave Syco?

Little Mix were signed to the label when they won the music competition X Factor in 2011, and in November 2018 it was revealed that the two had parted ways.

It came as a shock to fans as the news was revealed only days before Little Mix were due to release their fifth studio album, titled LM5.

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The group moved onto RCA, which is still under the Sony Music umbrella, the same as Syco.

A spokesperson for Simon Cowell said at the time, said: “Syco Music will no longer work with Modest Management and therefore any artists signed to that management company.

“We do, of course, wish all artists affected by this decision every future success.

“Consequently, LM5, the forthcoming Little Mix album A&R’d [promoted] and released on Syco Music, is to be serviced by RCA at the request of Syco and Simon Cowell.”

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It was believed that the group had disagreements with Cowell and the Syco label over the musical direction of Little Mix.

A version of this article originally appeared on our sister site Yorkshire Evening Post

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