Leighton Town YFC announce Lions NXT Generation Football Academy link up

Lions NXT Generation Football Academy’s head coach James Harman with Leighton Town YFC chairman Dan Turney.Lions NXT Generation Football Academy’s head coach James Harman with Leighton Town YFC chairman Dan Turney.
Lions NXT Generation Football Academy’s head coach James Harman with Leighton Town YFC chairman Dan Turney.

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​Leighton Town Youth Football Club have announced a new partnership with Lions NXT Generation Football Academy, a leading skills-based football company in Leighton Buzzard.

The strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of excellence in youth football development, promising a host of benefits for players, coaches and the local community.

It will see the convergence of Leighton Town YFC's rich history and community involvement with the cutting-edge coaching techniques and resources of Lions NXT Generation Football Academy.

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"We are absolutely delighted to join forces with Lions NXT Generation Football Academy,” said Dan Turney, Chairman of Leighton Town YFC.

"This partnership represents a fantastic opportunity to further enhance the development of our existing young players as well as attract more players, parents and supporters into the club.”

The collaboration between Leighton Town YFC and Lions will offer an array of benefits to those involved at the club.

Youth players will benefit from access to a team of specialised youth coaches from Lions, who bring a wealth of experience in nurturing young players right from preschool age, to ready them for grassroots football.

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A key aim of the partnership is to utilise and share this expertise to help elevate the quality of coaching development within Leighton Town YFC to the next level.

Lions’ progressive training curriculum will be integrated into Leighton Town's training programmes to help complement the excellent existing coaching practices. This will enable players to hone their technical skills further, preparing them for the challenges of competitive football.

Dan Turney comments, “As a football club we know the future of our success lies within the local youth players in this community. That’s why we are investing heavily in our coaching, facilities, infrastructure, wider committee and volunteering team to set out our path for the coming years. “

As the primary football club in Leighton Buzzard, Turney stressed that the club has a duty to the local community to provide a safe, inclusive, fun and welcoming environment.

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Turney added: “Football is about fun and inclusivity, but this partnership also aims to provide a clear pathway for the local children to develop to a standard that will set them up for Step 4 football and beyond.

"The success of our youth system will directly impact the success of our senior teams and the success of the club as a whole.” Promising talents within the Leighton Buzzard area will naturally benefit.

Lions head coach James Harman said, "We are committed to nurturing the next generation of local football talent, and this partnership with Leighton Town Youth Football Club aligns perfectly with our mission.

"Together, we will create a powerful platform for young players to develop their skills, cultivate a passion for the game, and build character traits that extend far beyond football.

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"Community engagement is at the core of any local football club. Our collaboration will extend beyond the developing skills of players and coaches. We plan to support the club in many more ways, such as providing equipment, sponsorship and collaborating in conducting community initiatives to bring the town together through football.”

To find out more information please go to www.lions-nxt.co.uk or head to the LTYFC facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LTYFC/

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