George looks to help others since leaving Luton

Having had a career blighted by injury, ex-striker Liam George is now making a career of helping others, writes Mark Wood.

The 33-year-old played for Luton Town Legends on Sunday, and revealed: “I went back to uni and studied physiotherapy.

“I figured I’ve had so many injuries since I was young what could I be passionate about after football? I felt injury prevention was a place for me. I’m working in Luton and we’ve got a business set up here.

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“I love injury, I love getting people better, I love being able to help people, guide them.

“I spent many a time on the injury table and was quite depressed and quite down about it. If I can help people now and get them back playing and back to work, then I feel that’s what I can do and that’s what I’m happy doing now.”

George had his career blighted by injuries during his career so he knows the frustrations of his clients.

He said: “It’s out of your hands and you put your confidence in those around you, the medical team, the coaches.

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“That is the frustrating part, coming and watching the lads on a Saturday, being up there in the stands.

“It’s very frustrating for anyone to watch the sport you love, all your friends going out and playing and trying to feel part of it.

“I think that’s a big factor, when you’re injured you really don’t feel part of a winning team, or a losing team.

“That can get you down, that can be quite tough.”

But he doesn’t believe a broken ankle suffered against Wigan prevented him from playing at the highest level.

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George added: “Not necessarily, I came back and played my two best seasons for Luton after that.

“I don’t put it down to the injuries. Luck, team changing and football was changing at the time.

“It was just a little bit of bad timing, I just fell out of love with the game, lost some confidence and it spiralled from there really.

“When I left here I was in a bad state, really broken-hearted about leaving the club, and never recovered from it if I’m honest. I didn’t feel at home anywhere else and struggled to get back to playing the football I used to play at Kenilworth Road.”

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