Hatters to go undercover for Bulls clash

Luton TownLuton Town
Luton Town
Luton Town have borrowed a pitch rain protection system from Glasgow Warriors Rugby club to try and ensure their clash with Hereford goes ahead this weekend.

With another downpour forecast on Friday, Town managing director Gary Sweet said: “We are experiencing the wettest winter in 250 years in one of the wettest areas of the country, and sadly it has meant a number of our matches have already fallen foul in the past few weeks.

“The demand and price of protection covers has risen considerably which has meant availability has been scarce.

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“It has only been in the past couple of weeks that the fixture congestion issues have exacerbated to the extent that clubs need to take extraordinary action to ensure that the fixture schedule doesn’t become too much of a problem for our team’s league progress.

“This uncharacteristic weather has taken many clubs by surprise. This must be the first year we’ve needed to protect against such severe rainfall since we installed a drainage system just over three years ago.

“We were all desperately disappointed that the Tamworth game was postponed but it is hoped that this investment will have the desired effect to ensure the Hereford match will go ahead.

“The pitch remains in good condition, which is incredible also taking into account the aftermath of the Barnet match.”

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