Luton legends can be created in milliseconds says Still after Cullen strike

Cambridge United v Luton Town. Photos by Liam Smith. wk 11. PNL-141203-004041002Cambridge United v Luton Town. Photos by Liam Smith. wk 11. PNL-141203-004041002
Cambridge United v Luton Town. Photos by Liam Smith. wk 11. PNL-141203-004041002
Legends can be created in a millisecond according to Town boss John Still after substitute Mark Cullen salvaged a point for the Hatters in Tuesday night’s top-of-the-table clash at Cambridge United, writes Mark Wood.

The young striker volleyed home a brilliant equaliser in the last minute to send Town’s massive army of travelling supporters crazy.

Still said: “It’s always nice to have people who can score goals and if you are going to replace a goalscorer you’ve got to really try and replace him with a goalscorer.

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“It’s difficult with substitutions as well. It’s one of them things, you take someone off and you don’t score, people think you’re a doughnut, he’s taken a goalscorer off he shouldn’t have done it.

“And if you do change it and someone comes on and scores the goal then it’s a masterpiece, he knows what he’s doing and that.

“A lot of it’s a little bit of luck sometimes! I’m not being funny, you take a chance and it’s sometimes how legends are born really.

“Sometimes with a little bit of luck attached to it really.

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“I always say people become legends through one one-hundredth of second really. Someone wins the 100m, Usain Bolt and beats the next bloke by one one-hundredth of second and everyone says Usain Bolt is an absolute legend, and soppy mate next door who is that much out is never a legend, but it’s nothing really.

“But that’s what creates legends sometimes, one one-hundredth of a second. You see the swimming and they come in and they touch, you can’t see who has won it and they look at it on the thing and someone has won it through one one-hundredth of second.

“Who comes second? I haven’t got a clue, it doesn’t matter about him, he won it, he’s the legend, one one-hundredth of second and that’s what it’s like.”

It was a bold move by the Luton manager to take off 25-goal top scorer Andre Gray and replace him with the summer signing from Hull.

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But Still never had any qualms about making the change and was delighted for a player he feels deserves to have played much more this season.

Still added: “I think he’s a top class player, I really do, and I was so pleased when we brought him here.

“It’s how football works. As I said before, he’s one player that really every day is entitled to knock on my door and go ‘is this my chance?’

“He is, because in training he’s terrific, but so’s Benno (Paul Benson), so’s Andre. Andre’s the leading scorer in the Conference with 25 goals and yet we took him off.

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“Sometimes you don’t take goalscorers off if I’m being honest.

“But when you’ve got someone of the quality of Cully here, he can come and he can play instead, he can play instead of Benno, he can probably play in the role just behind, I’m not sure about that, but he probably can do because he’s such a clever player.

“He is a goalscorer, but he’s not just a goalscorer. His all-round game is very good and I just felt we’d started to get quite a bit of the ball.

“And I felt we were just going to push them at the end. I felt that we would push and I felt for quite a bit of the second half they played really deep, so they weren’t leaving too much space behind them.

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“And Cully’s not one that will particularly get behind you, he’s clever, he comes off people.

“If you look at the goal that he scored how he has peeled off and got a turn in I don’t know how he did it. Seriously, I don’t know how he did it.

“I just felt that he’s one that might pick that ball up, and just side-step someone and roll it in or (produce) a bit of clever movement in the box, he might get in front of or pull off someone.

“He’s just got that type about him, and fortunately he got on the end of Cameron’s (McGeehan’s) header, as someone said a la Gerhard Müller in the World Cup.

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“I thought it was a terrific goal. I really did. I was really pleased for him, he’s a smashing kid, he’s never given me a minute’s problem and should be giving me grief by rights, but fortunately he isn’t.”

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