Town trialists set to be given another chance to impress as Still hails Hatters youngsters

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Both trialists who impressed for Luton in Wednesday’s development team win over West Ham United on Wednesday are set to be given another chance to shine on Tuesday, writes Mark Wood.

Town’s development team are set to be in action again when they take on Northampton Town and Still wants to take another look at them.

He said: “Both done OK. And we’re going to have another look at them in a reserve/development team game on Tuesday here.”

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And Still admitted the performance of all those involved during the week have given him plenty to consider.

He continued: “It gave me a lot to think about, it really has. It’s given me a lot to think about.

“And that’s how Shaun (Whalley) forced his way, it’s how Alex Wall forcecd his way, it’s how Matt Robinson, who was out, has forced his way.

“Because if they’re showing it, you think ‘hold on, they’re really pushing on, they’re putting me under pressure’.

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“And I think when people are doing that you’ve got to reward them and give them an opportunity.”

Still was equally buoyed by Town’s U18s’ progression in the FA Youth Cup following their 5-1 victory over Corby on Tuesday night.

Still hailed both teams’ performances, particularly the development team’s showing against a Hammers side that had already impressed against other Premiership opposition.

He said: “Fantastic, absolutely terrific. I’m pleased for the kids, delighted for the kids to win because it’s a great boost for them and we need to get as many good games for them as we can.

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“And I think we are developing ourself into a club where we can ask Premier League clubs to play us because they know what we do and how we do it.

“It was a bit easier with West Ham because we have a connection from my Dagenham times, but we are getting clubs that come to us now to play.

“We play every week, we never lack for quality games and whoever played on Wednesday, was good. Everyone was good, everyone was ready, everyone knew the job and in the first half we were much, much better than West Ham.

“They came into it second half, but they had a couple on the bench that they brought on that were coming back from injury to be fair.

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“Quality, with a taste of first team stuff. We were really pleased with what we’re doing throughout the club.

“It’s important that we progress players and these games are helping to progress players.”

And Still believes that both performances bode well for the future of the Hatters.

He added: “It tells us the state of this football club. West Ham were no worse than the West Ham team that won the week before, I think against Aston Villa.

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“It was no worse than the team that played Norwich, but we’ve got some good young players that are getting better, developing.

“We’ve got a goalkeeper that’s good and developing, really good. We’ve got Anthony Charles who isn’t a development player, but who’s getting his fitness back.

“He’s getting fit, getting strong, we’ve got Matt Robinson who’s a good young player, who’s developing, we’ve got JJ who’s a good young player that’s developing.

“We’ve got David Viana who’s a young player that we’ve brought in, that’s developing and these are good players that are developing.

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“Are they as good as West Ham players? I’m not going to say theat he’s as good as him... But when you put them into a team it’s what makes us strong, the team.

“They might have one or two better individuals than we have, but they don’t have a better team, because all together. “Together, everybody achieves more. What does that spell?”