A game you will never finish!

GAME GUY with Darren Gargette.

PREVIEW: Dark Souls

Do you often find yourself wondering “What did I just spend £39.99 on” after rinsing your way through the latest videogame.

Was the game too short or just too easy, even on the hardest difficulty? Staring blankly at the main menu screen with no multi-player to play or at least none worthy of your time finding yourself at a crossroads?

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Do you trade it in or do you replay the game again with no real excitement due to your first experience. Well, why not try out Dark Souls. A game you will probably never complete.

Before this puts you off completely from buying the game, let me give you a brief description on this weird yet wonderful game which is indeed the spiritual sequel to the PS3 exclusive Demons’ Souls. A game renowned for being so hard with a fantastic co-operative and indeed counter-operative game mode if you want to be a nuisance to the other players across the globe.

Dark Souls is a third-person action adventure RPG which has a rather intimidating tagline “prepare to die”.

Already your expectations are shot dramatically skyward to something which you cannot even comprehend. Yes, Dark Souls will kill you without even telling you, but it’s not all bad. I promise, being dead is part of the fun with this game if you’re online, of course.

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Upon dying you enter the “soul form” in which you’re randomly dropped into another players game in progress in which sees you performing either of the folllowing actions to help yourself be restored to your human form.

1) Either help the fellow adventurer in slaying a boss (which is also played by another online player) and you will be restored to your human self

2) Battle and defeat the other player in the game for the same effect.

Being human again results in you adventuring your way through your game again but don’t let your guard down. You never know when another player in soul form will drop in and either help or hinder your progress.

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You can also purchase the ability to leave messages on the floor with a similar effect. Do you tell Mr Stranger X that the bridge is broken via a message on the wall or do you tell them that the bridge and fine and take satisfaction in either result. It’s entirely up to you.

It’s games like Dark Souls which reminds me why gaming can often lead to become some of the best experiences of a life time.

Dark Souls is out now on Xbox 360 and PS3.

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