Leighton Buzzard singer releases Stupid Cupid as a new flicker book video ahead of Valentine's Day

Fiona Harrison has kept busy during the pandemic by performing driveway shows and via zoom

By Holly Patel
Thursday, 11th February 2021, 11:37 am

A Soprano and costume artist from Leighton Buzzard has released Stupid Cupid as a new flicker book video on YouTube ahead of Valentine's Day.

Fiona Harrison doesn’t believe in standing still for long and with the run up to the romantic day, she decided to create the video while modelling with two classic cars from the 1960s.

She said: “It’s all about taking opportunities when they come. Back in the summer I was able to perform one of my Covid safe driveway concerts for a vintage car club in Oxfordshire.

“It was a drive-in concert where twelve cars drove into a paddock and every-one watched me from their vehicles.

“Afterwards I exchanged details with two of the car owners Peter Macwaters and John Greenwood who very kindly allowed me to use their vehicles, the MGA 1600 and Jaguar XK150 in a photo shoot with photographer Angela Adams."

Photos from Fiona’s shoot have already been attracting interest, this month one of the photos was printed in February's issue of the MG Car club magazine 'Safety Fast'.

Fiona, who spent the first lockdown performing driveway concerts for her neighbours, said: “Initially last September's shoot was about documenting my dresses from the 1960s.

Soprano and costume artist Fiona Harrison (C) Angela Adams

“I have a wonderful vintage wardrobe and clients like to see my out-fits when I’m sending out publicity.

“Fortunately we were lucky with the timing and we were able to squeeze the shot in between lock downs.

“Peter Macwaters suggested 'Safety Fast' might be interested in publishing a photo so when they came back and said yes we were thrilled."

Despite the lock-down Fiona has not stopped working, performing via zoom and driveway shows during the pandemic.

Fiona Harrison created a new flicker book video for YouTube (C) Angela Adams

When it came to producing a new video for Valentine's Day this proved to be more changeling.

She said: “With recording studios currently closed I had to find another way of recording my voice.

“The studio suggested I could use my phone and email my voice recording across to them in the studio.

“I was sceptical the recording would be good enough, but when I got the track back I was amazed by the quality.

“I wanted to do something special for Valentine's Day to cheer everyone up. Connie Francis’s song Stupid Cupid seemed like the perfect choice, it’s bouncy and goes perfectly with my 60s photos."

You can view Fiona’s video on her website and click onto her 1950s and 60s page.