Bake Off's Karen Wright reveals vegan recipe for spicy samosas - here's how to make them

I made the Vegan chickpea and potato curry and I said that I would follow up with a recipe using up the leftovers.

So, what I did with the left-over curry was to transform it into small samosa rolls. I put the curry back onto the hob and bubbled it up until it reduced in volume and was not at all runny.

Then I used a potato masher to squash the chickpeas and potatoes so there were no big lumps. It is important to then let the mixture go cold.

Take a roll of puff pastry that you buy from the shop and unroll it. Slice it into two along the long side to give two strips of pastry.

Then lay out mixture along the centre of each strip just like you would if you were making sausage rolls.

Brush the pastry with beaten egg or soy milk if you want to keep it Vegan and then fold one side over the mixture and then the other side over that and make sure both sides of pastry are nipped together well sealed.

So now you have two tubes. Roll the tubes over so the sealed side is underneath and then slice into the size rolls you want.

Take your scissors and make two snips on the top of each roll. Brush with beaten egg or soy milk and place on a baking tray.

You can use the paper the pastry was rolled in to lay on the tray. Bake in a hot preheated off at about 200c for around twenty minutes.

These rolls are scrumptious, and I froze the ones in the photo. I shall defrost them the next time I am entertaining as they make a great spicy treat.

The weather is set quite fair for this week, and I am very happy with that as I am up, off and away for a few days filming in Derbyshire.

Derbyshire is a super county, and it is easy to get to from home. I shall be cooking in our caravan on a campsite in Castleton. It is one of the Caravan and Camping Club sites and is open all year. I am very excited to be getting away so soon into the new year and doing fun things in a great location.

Castleton is one of those places I love to visit, there is a fabulous visitors centre, the Blue John mines, Mam Tor looms high above and there are gift shops, cafes and pubs too, I shall report next week on what it was like in January.