Jumping for joy! Woburn Safari Park is back and invites you to come on 'superb adventure'

Visitors are invited to see new arrivals and refurbished 'Humboldt Harbour' and 'Monkey Mayhem'

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 14th April 2021, 11:23 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th April 2021, 11:30 pm

Woburn Safari Park was delighted to reopen on Monday, April 12, with excitement building amongst the staff and animals.

The team is inviting visitors to come and enjoy "a superb safari adventure" and see the newly updated Penguin enclosure – Humboldt Harbour, as well as their refurbished Monkey Mayhem area - home to Guianan Squirrel Monkeys.

Protective measures in place include a free 50ml bottle of virucidal hand sanitiser (given to each vehicle), and a new guidebook, packed with interesting facts and printed with a special anti-viral coating.

Jumping for joy! The penguins and bear cubs can't wait to welcome visitors. Photo: Woburn Safari Park.

A Woburn Safari Park spokeswoman, said: "The popular Bedfordshire Safari Park offers visitors of all ages an exciting and adventurous day out, seeing wild animals in wide open spaces. Visitors can explore and learn about amazing wildlife.

"Plus with much of the enjoyment spent on a safari drive or in the fresh air, there is the added bonus of having minimal contact with people from outside your household."

There are also a few new residents to spot in the Road Safari - including the pair of one-year-old North American black bear cubs that have recently moved into the large drive-through enclosure.

The little bears have arrived just in time for visitors returning to the park to have the chance of watching them explore their new surroundings alongside mum, Phoenix!

Squirrel monkeys. Photo: Woburn Safari Park.

Further around in the Road Safari, a herd of Blesbok antelope are settling into their new home that they share with the Rothschild’s giraffe herd. You’ll know when you find the new arrivals when you spot the distinctive white stripe down their face.

The spokeswoman added: "In the Foot Safari, visitors will love the changes they’ll see to the Humboldt penguins enclosure, with a brand new expanded pool and updated viewing areas. Humboldt Harbour has been designed to mimic their natural habitat. The newly installed viewing windows will give visitors a unique insight into the complex system of burrows that the penguins make each year. While on the other side of the enclosure, you’ll be able to watch the penguins diving and playing below the surface of the water. The new bubble machine will also give visitors the chance to see just how playful these birds are!

"And the mischievous troop of Guianan squirrel monkeys are ready to welcome you to their new home, Monkey Mayhem. Head over to watch as the monkeys show off their climbing skills as they move along the ropes, trees and vantage points in their new home, just as they would in the wild. With a new undercover viewing area, you can enjoy watching the troop as they play, forage, and move around their enclosure – keep an eye out for the adorable three youngsters, born in October last year!"