Leighton Buzzard author releases new books Dedicated Dogs and Amazing Extinct Animals

A Leighton Buzzard author has released two new books which celebrate man’s best friend, and wonderful creatures that are with us no more.

Wednesday, 3rd March 2021, 8:28 am
Updated Wednesday, 3rd March 2021, 8:30 am

Brooklands Middle School teacher David Morgan is proud to introduce young readers to Dedicated Dogs, and Amazing Extinct Animals: Timeline.

His two works are picture and rhyme books published by A2Z Press, Florida, and will introduce readers to fun facts as well as an important message about the future of our planet.

David said: “I wrote them because I adore dogs and have been teaching the pupils how they all came from the grey wolf many thousands of years ago whilst we were still Stone Age cave dwellers. It is a fascinating record of human breeding techniques, even before the start of farming.

David Morgan; Dedicated Dogs; Amazing Extinct Animals: Timeline and Winne's Wonderful Wheelchair.

“I grieve for all the wonderful animals that have become extinct and the message at the end is obvious, but true; the next inhabitant of this world to disappear could well be us.”

David has also been busy penning new adventures for one of his fictional characters, Winnie, with whom he also intends to spread a special message and challenge stereotypes. In his book Winnie’s Wonderful Wheelchair, Winnie lives “a great and exciting life despite any setbacks”.

She imagines herself having adventures and loves her friends and dog.

David has further Winnie books in the pipeline, including: Winnie and her Wonderful Wheelchair’s Winning Week; Winnie and her Wonderful Wheelchair’s Fantastical Flower Show; Winnie and her Wonderful Wheelchair’s Terrific Time Trip; and Winnie and her Wonderful Wheelchair’s Amazing Aardvark Adventure. The first two will be released soon, and the latter two later on this year.

Inspiring readers, in the first Winnie book, the blurb states: “As Winnie shows us - once you choose positivity, anything is possible.”

Dedicated Dogs, and Amazing Extinct Animals: Timeline are both available on Amazon.

>David’s favourite extinct animal is the Japanese Honshu Wolf (c.1905), traditionally regarded as a messenger of the spirits.