Lots of luck for Leighton Buzzard girl as she finds a rare eight-leaf clover

Lydia Jacques found the lucky charm whilst walking at Astral Lake.

Thursday, 29th April 2021, 1:40 pm

There's lots of luck in store for an eagle-eyed Leighton Buzzard girl who found not a four, but an eight-leaf clover!

Lydia Jacques, four, was walking with her mum, Sarah, around Astral Lake when they came across some clovers growing near a bridge.

Sarah told Lydia about the good fortune that a four-leaf one is said to bring, and Lydia began her search among the grass.

Lydia with her eight-leaf clover. Right: Astral Lake.

Sarah, 32, said: "I found four-leaf clover when I was younger, so I brought up the subject.

"Lydia then said: 'Like this one, Mummy?' And I said, 'Not like that one, that's an eight leaf-clover!'

"I think it's brought her lots of luck - ballet has returned and she got her first choice of school at Greenleas."

Lydia told the LBO: "It made me feel happy! And Mummy found a four-leaf clover.

"We dried my clover."

Lydia and her Mum would like to keep the clover as a reminder of their special find, and are considering placing it in a photo frame.

Meanwhile, after her eight-leaf find, Lydia also found a four-leaf clover when out walking with her father, Chris, at the same place.

Sarah added: "Lydia's dad has never found a four-leaf clover so they went back down and he was determined to find one.

"Within 15 minutes, he said: 'I can't find one', when Lydia replied: 'Like this one?' - she'd found a four-leaf clover."

Here at the LBO, we're sure the clovers will bring Lydia lots of luck as she starts her activities again and begins school at Greenleas in September.

Historically, it is said that the Celts considered four-leaf clovers to have magical powers, using them to ward off evil fairies and back luck.

It is claimed that there are approximately 10,000 three-leaf clovers for every four-leaf clover, and clovers with a greater number of leaves are even rarer. However, the Guinness world record for the most leaves on a single clover stem is 56 which was discovered in Japan in 2009.

Have you got a good luck or 'Happy Returns' story that you would like to share with us?