Can you solve Stewkley police medal mystery?

A Leighton Buzzard daughter is appealing for help to solve a mystery about her father's George V police medal, which was lost in a field in Stewkley.

Thursday, 20th December 2018, 11:00 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 9:31 am
Arthur's medal.

Maureen Stanton, 76, received the surprise of her lifetime when she was informed in 2015 that her father, Arthur Foulkes (1898-1972) had received the king’s medal for ‘Faithful Service in the Special Constabulary’.

The family knew their father had been a policeman in Stewkley, but didn’t know that he’d been ‘a special’ – or that he’d received a medal!

Maureen and Arthur on Maureen's wedding day 56 years ago.

Arthur would have received his award in the 1920s or 30s but the family knew nothing about it because Arthur had lost it in a field in Stewkley during the 30s.

It lay undisturbed until 2003, when it was found by amateur historian, George Bardrick, who happened to be the gardener for Maureen’s family friend, Nancy Chapel.

In 2015, Nancy happened to mention the find to Maureen’s sister, Monica, and realising that the medal belonged to their family, George was more than happy to return it.

Maureen said: “To have that medal was quite something after all these years; to think it had been lost and then found! My older sister just remembers him being there a fair bit and then suddenly disappearing. It wasn’t like a proper job; he was sometimes out early and it was not a nine to five type of thing. Then suddenly he stopped that, as his family was growing.

Arthur's medal

“We don’t even know how he lost it. Was it on his coat? Was he on call of duty?

“He never talked about it. There were a lot of us, and growing up, we were just coming through the war. The main concern was working and providing food for the family.”

During the war, Arthur worked at Mr Coleman’s farm, Mursley, and afterwards, he joined Stonehenge Brickworks, Vandyke Road.

After having no luck finding the answers to their questions, Maureen’s family are now appealing to see if anyone knows how Arthur lost it, why he was awarded it (and where/when), or any information about his career.

Call 01582 798505 or email: [email protected]