Home WiFi, social media and Little Mix the challenges for modern dads

Setting up the home WiFi, being active on social media and knowing the lyrics to chart toppers have emerged among a list of skills modern dads have to get their heads around.

Researchers found as well as having to be good at traditional talents such as fixing bikes, '˜dad 2.0' must also be adept at updating computers and setting up new games consoles.

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Being able to cook dinner, providing a platform for a good education and building flatpack furniture also featured highly on the list.

It also emerged more than a quarter of dads feel it is tougher being a father now than it was for their own dad back in the day.

The research, commissioned by Braun in the lead up to Father's Day, also found taking taking turns on the 'night feed' with baby, doing the school run and knowing how to braid hair are 'must-have' skills.

Zbyszek Kalenik, of Braun, said: 'Fatherhood today demands that dads get to grips with all manner of tasks and challenges, including those that were once the preserve of mum. '

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The study of 1,200 fathers also found eight in 10 agreed there are far more skills '˜modern dads' have to master now than their own fathers had to.

Parental pressure

Just under two thirds said the cost of living, toys and hobbies means there is more pressure on fathers, and more than half believed society demands more from dads to be actively involved in their children's upbringing.

Two thirds agreed it's tougher being a dad because of the learning curve created by developments in technology which are a struggle to keep up with.

However, of the one quarter of dads who said they 'now have it easier', more than half agreed better support in the workplace was the main reason.

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They also pointed to technology playing an active part in assisting fathers because they can work from home or use the internet to connect with other parents to help answer their questions.

It also emerged three in five said fathers are now much more involved with the upbringing of their children, with six in 10 helping out with housework.

Overall 49 per cent help out with the bedtime routine.

As a result of this new lifestyle for dads, 57 per cent agreed they spend more time with their children than their fathers spent with them when they were little.

Quality time

Six in 10 described themselves as a '˜modern dad', with the fact they help out with the kids the main reason for this.

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But despite this two thirds still wished they spent more time with their children, with quality family time a priority for three fifths of fathers.

With 14 per cent of those who took part revealing they are a stay-at-home parent, it's no wonder one quarter agreed modern dads work less now than '˜traditional' dads.

Fifty-seven per cent said it's because they understand technology, and more than one fifth cited themselves as a '˜cool' dad who 'knows their Little Mix from Little Chris'.

The research also revealed what dads want for Father's Day, with more traditional presents reigning supreme such as whisky, a watch or a beard trimmer.

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Top 25 skills modern dads have to master:

1. Cooking a meal2. Providing the best environment for a good education3. Guiding them through college / university4. Setting up the home WiFi and a Netflix account5. Building flatpack furniture and painting their first home6. Updating a computer and setting up new games consoles7. Teaching them about technology and all those different TV wires8. Having 'the chat' and giving advice on relationships9. Teaching a son how to shave10. Firing up the barbeque11. Taking part in the night feed12. Doing the school run13. Untying difficult knots14. Telling the kids bad jokes15. Taking good family photographs and videos16. Replacing a favourite toy when an old one breaks17. Playing make believe18. Setting up parental controls online and on the television to protect them19. Knowing the latest tech releases such as smartphones, apps and gaming20. Fronting the deposit for my son or daughter's first home21. Knowing the words to songs in the charts22. Knowing how to braid hair23. Being active on social media and knowing the latest slang24. Keeping up with latest fashion trends25. Teaching them how to host their own YouTube channel