Lockdown weight loss success achieved by inspirational Leighton Buzzard woman

She was inspired to lose weight after son told her he 'was afraid of losing his mum'

By Olga Norford
Monday, 7th March 2022, 12:25 am
Updated Monday, 7th March 2022, 12:26 am

A woman inspired to lose weight after her son said he was 'afraid of 'losing his mum' has found a new lease of life after losing three stones and starting an exercise regime.

Margaret McKenzie, of Leighton Buzzard, has seen huge health benefits since joining Weight Watchers after her son told her he was worried and 'afraid he would lose her'.

Helen Webster, Margaret's WW coach said: "Margaret joined Weight Watchers in 2019 after her son told her how much he loved her and dearly wanted her to lose weight as he didn’t want to lose his mum.

Before and after: Margaret Mitchell is so much healthier and fitter having lost three stones

"She had health issues, suffering from numerous chest infections. She was inactive, couldn't walk anywhere and always took the car.

"However she embraced her WW journey. Through lockdown she joined virtual workshops and once her workshop was back to normal she attended face-to-face meetings, joining the Angie Carratu WW workshop in Milton Keynes.

"Having lost three stones her health has improved so much. She no longer suffers with chest Infections, is no longer breathless. Before WW she used her car all the time, now she walks everywhere."

Margaret, 78, loves the WW app where she tracks her weight loss journey and is able to carefully monitor her progress.

And a delicious bottle of champagne has been promised by her son when she reaches her goal.

Helen added: "Margaret's story is so inspirational. It's such a success story particularly as she achieved this through lockdown which was really difficult.

"She is so proud of herself and so is her son and family. She's determined to reach her goal weight but more importantly this has given her her life back. She is so much healthier and walks everywhere."

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